Central Coast YMCA Partners with the City of Salinas to Provide Quality Programming and Services at the Salinas Aquatic Center.

August 22, 2018

City Council approves a resolution naming Central Coast YMCA as the new operator of the Salinas Aquatic Center at August 21st City Council Meeting.

[Salinas, CA, August 21, 2018] – The Central Coast YMCA will continue to expand its impact by assuming operation and management of the Salinas Aquatics Center at the beginning of September.  The Central Coast YMCA will partner with the City of Salinas to ensure the programs and services of the Salinas Aquatic Center meet the needs of community residents.

When the City of Salinas put out a request for proposals from qualified applicants to perform operation and management of the Salinas Aquatic Center earlier this summer, it only seemed fitting that the Central Coast YMCA put their name in the running. After all, like Steinbeck, the Central Coast YMCA’s roots run deep. When Steinbeck was blowing out the candles on his 7th birthday cake, the YMCA was pioneering group swimming, and eight years before he would publish his very first novel, the Salinas Community YMCA opened its doors to the community in 1921. For over 90 years the Central Coast YMCA has been providing quality services to the residents of Salinas and in early September, they will expand their reach in the North Salinas area. Residents concerned about drastic changes to their beloved municipal pool need not worry. “We’re excited about partnering with the City. Our intention is to bring YMCA values and quality, but much of the programming will remain the same for now,” said Central Coast YMCA CEO and President, Andy Weighill. “We’re looking to keep things consistent with what the community is used to; we want to see how the current programming is being received. Feedback is important to us and residents can be assured that we will consider community input before we make major changes.”

On Tuesday, August 21, 2018, the Salinas City Council approved a resolution that confirmed the Operations and Management Agreement between the City of Salinas and the Central Coast YMCA for the Salinas Aquatics Center located at 1 East Bernal Drive.


About Central Coast YMCA
The Central Coast YMCA embraces the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility with a mission to strengthen community through programs that develop youth, support healthy living and foster social responsibility. Our vision is to expand our impact by helping more people gain the skills and support needed to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Central Coast YMCA employs 27 full-time employees, about 225 part-time employees, and 120 volunteers who impact approximately 40,000 people within Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey counties.  


About the City of Salinas

Salinas is located on the Central California Coast and is known as the "Salad Bowl of the World." Salinas has over 150,000 residents and our community is one of California's jewels. Surrounded by agriculture on all sides, with the El Gabilan Mountains overlooking the City from the east, Salinas is a beautiful place with an active and diverse citizenry. A mere 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean and Monterey Bay, Salinas serves as the county seat of Monterey County where agriculture is a $2.2 billion-dollar industry. Salinas is committed to preserving agriculture as our major industry and maintaining our community's high quality of life.

Salinas Aquatics Center Press Release