Itís always better together: Membership Refer-a-Friend happening NOW!

September 6, 2017

What is proven to make your workouts:

  • More motivating?
  • More fun?
  • Safer?
  • More competitive?
  • And help you reach your goals faster?

A workout buddy!

When you refer a friend to the YMCA you love in September, your friend will save $50 when we Waive the Joining Fee and YOU will receive an exclusive Central Coast YMCA t-shirt!

What’s even better about referring a friend to your YMCA?  It’s not JUST about a great workout!  It’s about a healthier spirit, mind and body for everyone you love:

  • FREE Kids Zone child care for family memberships, 6 days/week — you work out and the kids in your life have fun and make new friends!
  • Members Only Family Night events
  • FREE Group Exercise classes for everyone!  Teens, adults, seniors; those new to exercise or those looking for a challenge
  • Special member pricing on programs from sports to After School — save 20-75% on the programs you can’t live without!
  • FREE Y-Fit appointments with a personal trainer to help introduce you to our modern fitness equipment, and to make sure your workouts are safe and effective
  • Access to YMCAs all around the country

Joining your YMCA is the best way to build a healthier you — why not invite a friend to the YMCA you love?