Online Registration FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I login to my account?

Click on the My Account link at top of website. Enter e-mail address. Enter Password & Login.

Q: What do I do if I forgot my password?

Click ‘Forgot Password’. A window will open up to prompt you to enter your e-mail address. Enter your e-mail address & Click ‘Submit’. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided with steps to update your password. Select the link provided in the e-mail You will then be prompted to update your password. Click ‘Submit’. Continue to browse for programs or membership as needed.

Q: How do I set up online access for my account?

Click ‘Find Account’. Enter Last Name, Birth Date and Zip code, or enter the Member ID on your membership card. Click ‘Submit’. Enter the last 4 digits of a billing method you have on your member’s record. Click ‘Submit’.  If no billing method is available, please contact your branch to update the needed information.

Q: I receive the message “this is not unique”.

This means that the email address is not unique in the system and doesn’t know which member record to use. Contact your local branch so they can assign you a password on the correct account.

Q: I have been locked out of my account.

Even if your password is reset by your home branch you will be locked out of your account for 24 hours. During that time, you will need to contact a branch to register for programs.

Q: How do I get a receipt?

Log on to your Account Click on ‘Payment History’. Select the drop down list for the date range needed. Click the arrow next to each payment method to see the details of the fees. Click the printer icon to view a ‘Printer Friendly’ receipt option 

Q: How to I update my account info/update credit card?

To update your credit card expiration date:

Go to ‘Billing Methods’ section
. Select each billing method to edit the information
. Update as needed
 & Click ‘Submit’
. Select the red icon next to each billing method if you would like to completely remove the credit card or bank draft from your record. Please note: you cannot delete a draft method that is currently being used for membership, scheduled program payments, or scheduled pledge payments.

To add a new credit card or EFT to your account:

Go to ‘Payment Management’ section
 Click ‘Add Credit Card’ or ‘Add Bank Draft’. Enter the billing method information Click ‘Submit’

To update the billing method associated with your membership:

Select the ‘Edit’ pencil next to the billing method within ‘Account Summary’ section
. Select new billing method from the drop down list
 & Click ‘Submit’
. If you do not see the your preferred billing method, go to the ‘Payment. Management’ section and add a new billing method.

To update a scheduled payment for a program:

Click on ‘My Balance’
. Select ‘Cancel’ or ‘Reschedule’ next to each scheduled payment. Enter a new date or select correct billing method
 & Click ‘Update Schedule’.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

We require 30 days notice to cancel. Cancellations received after the 20th of the month will be charged one more month.

You can cancel in 4 ways:

  1. In-person at any of our YMCA locations and fill out a cancellation form.
  2. Mail a letter of cancellation to your home branch requesting termination.
  3. Fax a letter of cancellation to your home branch
  4. E-mail the Membership Director of your home branch.

If you send in notice to cancel via letter, fax or e-mail, you will receive a cancellation form to the mailing address in our system. That will be your confirmation of cancellation. It is your responsibility to ensure that the cancellation has occurred.

Q: How can I change or cancel out of a class?

Each program area has different policies and procedures for canceling or changing a program registration. You will need to contact the specific branch to request a change.