Staff Directory

Salinas Community YMCA

Bill Proulx Photo

Bill Proulx

Executive Director of Operations

Robin Schnekenburger Photo

Robin Schnekenburger

Youth Development Director

Joey Barrera Photo

Joey Barrera

Aquatic Specialist and Branch Director

Ashley Dorado Photo

Ashley Dorado

Member Services Manager

Brittany Loisel Photo

Brittany Loisel

Wellness Coordinator

Tyler Smith Photo

Tyler Smith

Aquatics Deck Manager

Sammie Calderon Photo

Sammie Calderon

Sports Coordinator

Junior Avila Photo

Junior Avila

Sports Associate

South County YMCA

Joe Gonzales Photo

Joe Gonzales

Executive Director

Lulu Vargas Photo

Lulu Vargas

Senior Membership Director

Eloisa Mercado  Photo

Eloisa Mercado

Fitness Coordinator

Jesus Blanco Photo

Jesus Blanco

Sports Coordinator

Genaro Espinoza Photo

Genaro Espinoza

Sports Coordinator

Josephine Casillas Photo

Josephine Casillas

Facility Coordinator

Watsonville Family YMCA

Robert Wollenzien Photo

Robert Wollenzien

District Executive Director

Stephany Soto Photo

Stephany Soto

Senior Membership and Wellness Director

Lili de la Torre  Photo

Lili de la Torre

Program Director

Emilce Perez  Photo

Emilce Perez

Aquatics Coordinator

YMCA of the Monterey Peninsula

John Dreisbach Photo

John Dreisbach

Branch Director

Ashley Eisemann Photo

Ashley Eisemann

Senior Program Director

YMCA of San Benito County

Robert Wollenzien  Photo

Robert Wollenzien

District Executive Director

Mayra Zendejas Photo

Mayra Zendejas

Branch Director

Crystal Canchola Photo

Crystal Canchola

Senior Program Director

Emily Ward Photo

Emily Ward

Health and Fitness Director

Kori Davis Photo

Kori Davis

Program Coordinator

Corporate Office

Andy Weighill Photo

Andy Weighill

President & CEO

Scott Kurteff Photo

Scott Kurteff

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Amy Grames Photo

Amy Grames

Executive Vice President

Alberto Hernandez Photo

Alberto Hernandez

Accounting Manager

Connie Moreno Photo

Connie Moreno

Human Resources and Office Administrator

Patty Lopez Photo

Patty Lopez

Finance Assistant

Bill Proulx Photo

Bill Proulx

Director of Healthy Living

Scott Tebo Photo

Scott Tebo

Director of Marketing and Communications